Waterproof, fireproof legend Louis Weedon, the true extent of difficult to pursue, but it does not need the leather or other ordinary leather, but with a painted canvas material, called Canvas, and a layer of waterproof PVC, did make it bag Griselda, not easy to wear. In addition to "durable", one hundred and fifty year old Louis Weedon, began to specialize in the royal family and nobles of the market, and make the brand stand up not down.
In 1888, Louis Weedon in a square pattern to replace the original rice, brown stripes, and add to the registered trademark, but still full of counterfeit goods in the world; as the sole inheritor of famous brand Louis Vuitton group, George on 1896 in Anel quiet office, design Louis Vuitton famous brand brand logo. In January 11, 1897 in the Conciliation Commission registered and officially put into use. A strange mix of the letters and quatrefoil flowers woven, diamond will decoration around brown background. Four leaf pattern may be from the governor's palace the wolf. Pattern design may come from the Edo period paintings. And around the concave four stellate, looks and China Han flag pattern similarity. Or no poetic said, floor tile patterns of creativity from George and Josephine Weedon in the kitchen.
Classical and fashion fusion
The past just don't talk about the trend of the classic Louis Weedon, 2012 finally changed the style of work. In 1996, to celebrate the one hundred anniversary of memorial Monogram series, invited seven fashion designers design limited edition, a crazy collection craze in the world, let Louis Weedon feel the tide has greatness. In 1998, Louis Weedon epoch-making for USA designer MarcJacobs joining, design of Vernis series, and then developed in the past has never had the clothing series, in addition to luggage, leather and fashion, innovation and change of the century old Louis Weedon will step into other fashion field. Marc from American, but he was deeply for the clothing of the history, culture, and the foundation of classical spirit. The design concept of Marc with practical give priority to, he thought that the most practical fashion to be able to let people wear out, pay attention to design details, the unique eyes with personal, derived from the outstanding female charm style. Classic suitcase, bright innovation bag, Louis Weedon's noble spirit and quality of the same, but in the skillful dress up Marc but as Louis Weedon has taken on a new look, closer to the people's life.
Japanese artist Murakami Takashi (TakashiMyrakami) with his cartoon world upended Louis Weedon, also to subvert the entire world, the monogram Louis Weedon had be the most changeful magic turn people's visual impression. Dinner time, Murakami Takashi laugh flowers and signs eyes turned into various forms in Louis Weedon's goods. Western classical brand with a powerful and unconstrained style Oriental artists, the fashion and art of marriage to obtain the unprecedented success. Fascinated with Murakami Takashi MarcJacobs said his favorite is the dark side of Murakami Takashi joy works below, both light and dark is the real life, is also a Marc Jacobs to lead the direction of Louis Weedon.